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Teacher shows boys video explaining female orgasm because students were bored

By Alexis Bell 11:14 AM November 23, 2017
Sleeping woman (illustration)

A teacher in New Zealand lost her license and job after showing boys a video, which explained the female orgasm.

Dawn Patricia Ganaha was a teacher for 4 years at the Southland Boys’ High School.

During this time, she was accused multiple times of showing a grave error in judgment by blurring the boundaries between educator and student.

The final straw came after Ganaha, who was teaching science, showed her 14-year-old students a video, which explained the female orgasm.

When she was questioned, Ganaha explained that the boys were very bored and the video seemed to excite them.

However, the students felt uncomfortable and filed complaints with the New Zealand Teacher Disciplinary Tribunal.

One boy complained and said that he was quite shocked.

“I didn’t see it coming, I was very uncomfortable,” he told investigators.

Another boy said:”I just thought it didn’t relate to anything we were doing. We thought it was a bit odd.”

Ganaha, who now works as a postal sorter, was accused of four additional charges of professional misconduct.

Ganaha allegedly took pictures of her students and exchanging private text messages with them.

She was also accused of swearing at a student and hitting another.

On one occasion, she took a student to her home without notifying a parent.

She then lied about having the student over at her home when she was questioned.

The New Zealand Teacher Disciplinary Tribunal decided to terminate her teaching license.