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Teacher stripped 3-year-old students naked before pricking them with needles and giving them drugs

By Emily Lewis 11:25 AM November 26, 2017
Boy being pricked by needle (illustration)

A teacher is being investigated after allegedly pricking her students with needles and giving them medication before nap time, according to police in China.

Beijing police said that they have arrested the 22-year-old woman who was identified only as Liu after being accused of abusing her nursery students at the school run by RYB Education Inc.

A 31-year-old woman who was also identified as Liu was arrested for disrupting social order after being accused of spreading false information about the abuse that unfolded at the nursery.

The second suspect alleged that the abuse was perpetrated by people in the military.

Police said that the woman deeply regretted spreading false rumors.

According to the police investigation, the teacher sexually molested the children by forcing them to strip naked.

The teacher then pierced the children with needles and force-fed them white pills and a brown syrup.

The two substances are being tested.

The abuse unfolded each day before nap time.

Some students were forced to stand naked in dark rooms as a form of punishment.

One mother told reported that she found needle marks on her daughter’s behind.

So far, 8 children were found with wounds that were likely caused by being pricked with needles.