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Teenage student kills teacher and takes selfie with body before committing suicide

By William Martin 7:01 AM November 8, 2017
Andrey Emelyannikov and Sergei Danilov (insert)

Police were called to a school in Russia, where a teacher was killed by his student.

The student killed his teacher by slitting his throat with a knife inside a polytechnic college in Moscow.

The student then took a selfie showing his teacher bleeding to death next to him. He posted the photo on social media before killing himself.

Police found the teacher, 44-year-old Sergei Danilov, lying on a classroom flood in a pool of blood. The teacher, who is a father of three children, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police also found 18-year-old Andrey Emelyannikov dead. He committed suicide by cutting himself with a circular saw.

Students at the Western Complex of Continuous Education told police that the teenager had a “conflict” with his teacher before the murder.

According to the students, Danilov threatened to have Emelyannikov expelled from college.