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Uber driver with violent past raped 77-year-old woman and fled the country after police allowed him to walk free

By William Martin 8:05 AM November 29, 2017
Hashem Ramezanpour

Elderly women have vowed not to use Uber after one woman was sexually assaulted by a driver who was allowed to work for the company despite his violent past.

Now, the victim may never see justice as the suspect is accused of fleeing the country.

Police in Texas are trying to defend their actions as they allowed the Uber driver walk free after he was accused of rape.

40-year-old Hashem Ramezanpour was allowed to walk free after he was accused of raping his 77-year-old passenger during a ride from Dallas to Fort Worth.

Officers spoke with the Uber driver after the attack but they allowed him to walk free while waiting for the DNA to be tested.

Now, the DNA from the rape came back and it matched Ramezanpour. Police are now trying to locate him.

Police are asking people to be on the lookout for the Uber driver. However, police said they strongly believe that he fled the country and went back to his home country of Iran.

Ramezanpour was not a stranger to police. He was arrested previously for a violent assault on a family member. A judge ordered him to take anger management classes.

He recently finished his classes.

Last month, Ramezanpour picked up the 77-year-old woman from a church in Dallas and took her to a home in Fort Worth.

During the trip, police said the driver stopped the car in a wooded area.

He got into the passenger seat and sexually assaulted the grandmother.

He returned to the front seat and drove the woman to her final destination. The woman was taken to a hospital, where she was examined and evidence was collected. The frightened grandmother now lives with relatives.