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Undercover police officers posing as drug buyers purchase marijuana from undercover police officers posing as drug dealers leading to brawl

By Emily Lewis 12:12 PM November 20, 2017
Police officers (illustration)

A brawl broke out between two separate police departments after undercover agents converged during a sting operation, according to police in Michigan.

The Detroit Police Department said that they have launched an investigation to learn why there was no communication between the 12th and 11th precincts while carrying out sting operations.

The incident unfolded on Thursday, in the 19300 block of Andover.

Two undercover officers from the 12th Precincts posed as drug dealers looking for buyers.

At some point, two undercover officers from the 11th Precinct showed up and posed as drug buyers.

The two 11th Precinct officers approached the two 12th Precinct officers and asked to purchase marijuana.

The officers then went into a home.

As soon as the 12th Precinct officers pulled out marijuana, the 11th Precinct officers drew their weapons and identified themselves as officers.

The two 12th precinct officers pulled out their weapons as well and a brawl ensued.

All four officers called for backup and additional units arrived at the scene to join the brawl.

Two officers suffered serious injuries to the eyes and lips and were taken to a hospital for treatment.

One officer’s body camera recorded the entire encounter.

Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig said that this is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them.