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Woman arrested after GoPro camera she made her husband wear showed her abusing him

By Emily Lewis 8:01 AM November 6, 2017
Jillian Washburn

A woman wanted her husband to wear a GoPro camera so that she can track his every move and make sure he was not cheating on her.

However, her plans backfired when police used footage from the camera to arrest her.

35-year-old Jillian Washburn of Salem, Connecticut, was accused of abusing her husband after evidence was found in the GoPro camera that she made him wear because she did not trust him.

Washburn pleaded no contest on Thursday at the New London Superior Court to severely abusing her husband for 7 years.

The assaults included beating him in front of their children, cutting him on the penis with scissors and other abuse that landed him in the hospital, according to the prosecutor.

The defense attorney claimed that the couple was in a sadomasochistic relationship in which the husband asked his wife to abuse him.

In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Washburn will be able to serve only 8 years of her 18-year sentence with five years of probation.

Washburn was banned to see her children since her arrest due to the trauma they suffered from witnessing her abusing their father.

The judge said a family court would decide whether or not Washburn would have contact with her children once she leaves prison.

The man has since filed for divorce.