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Woman kills 1-month-old stepson by mixing rat poison in his water bottle

By Alexis Bell 12:43 PM November 29, 2017
Baby (illustration)

A woman killed her husband’s baby by feeding him rat poison, according to police in Nigeria.

Katsina police said that they have arrested the 28-year-old stepmom, who was not identified, after being accused of intentionally killing the 1-month-old baby.

The mother faces a charge of murder.

According to the police investigation, the suspect lived with her husband along with his second wife.

Last month, her husband’s wife had a baby boy.

On Friday, the suspect watched the baby while her husband and his second wife went out to work.

During the day, the suspect mixed rat poison into the baby’s bottle and fed it to him.

The baby began vomiting.

When the baby’s mother came home, she transported the sick child to the Maiā€™adua Hospital.

When the baby’s condition did not improve, the mother took him to the Daura General Hospital, where he died.

Doctors confirmed that the baby consumed rat poison.

During questioning by police, the stepmom denied intentionally killing the child.

She claimed that when she was spreading rat poison in the home, the baby started to cry.

She then prepared a water bottle and forgot to wash her hands.

The suspect also claimed that her husband and his wife forgave her.