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Woman kills 4-year-old boy by feeding him snacks laced with rat poison because she did not like his family

By William Martin 1:50 PM November 7, 2017

A woman who had an ongoing feud with a family, decided to kill a young boy with rat poison, according to police in India.

Vijayawada police said that they have arrested V Jyothi and her husband Sreenu after she snuck into a daycare center and fed 4-year-old Dhananjay poisoned snacks.

Jyothi, who worked for the Accredited Social Health Activist, has been charged with murder while her husband is facing conspiracy charges.

According to the police investigation, Jyothi had a long-standing feud with Dhananjay’s family.

On Friday, Jyothi snuck into the child’s daycare center while the some of the staff members were not on the premises.

Jyothi laced snacks with rat poison and fed Dhananjay.

Dhananjay began vomiting and was taken to a nearby hospital, where his condition deteriorated.

The child was transferred to another hospital, where he died on Sunday.