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Woman walking her two dogs in a field is shot dead by hunter who mistook her for deer

By Emily Lewis 4:25 AM November 26, 2017
Rosemary Jafarjian Billquist

Police are investigating the untimely death of a woman who was shot dead while walking her dogs.

43-year-old Rosemary Jafarjian Billquist of New York, was at the wrong place at the wrong time when she was shot by her neighbor.

Jamie Billquist said that his wife took their Labs, Sugar and Stella, out for a walk in the field behind their house after coming home from work.

He ran out of their home when he heard the dogs barking. He saw an ambulance arrived and learned that his wife was shot in the hip while she was walking about 100 yards from their house.

According Chautauqua County Sheriff’s office said that Billquist died of a single gunshot which was fired by her neighbor Thomas B. Jadlowski, 34.

Around 5:30 p.m. Billquist took her dogs for a walk in a rural field in her hometown of Sherman which is near the Pennsylvania border.

Jadlowski told investigators he was about 200 yards away from the victim when he heard a rustling sound in the wooded area.

The avid hunter told police that he believed it was a deer and shot in its directions. After firing the shot, he heard a woman screaming.

When Jadlowski realized his grave mistake, he called 911 and he stayed with the woman until emergency workers arrived.

Billquist was taken a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

So far, Jadlowski, who has been cooperating with the authorities, has not been charged with any crime.

Jamie Billquist said that his wife was on the property of their next-door neighbor when she was shot.

He said that Jadlowski didn’t have permission to hunt on that property. In addition, the shooting occurred about 40 minutes after sunset, when it’s illegal to hunt.