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Woman watches supermarket employee picking his nose and wiping mucus into her food

By Emily Lewis 1:23 PM November 8, 2017
Woman shopping at supermarket (illustration)

A woman in the United Kingdom was shocked to watch a supermarket employee contaminating her food with mucus from his nose.

44-year-old Zoe Balding of Kent was shopping for groceries at the Tesco supermarket when she realized what the employee was doing to her items.

The incident unfolded as the mother of two children was doing her routine shopping for groceries on Sunday, at around 2:30 p.m.

Balding went to the checkout counter and placed her items on the conveyer belt.

The cashier paused for a moment and began picking his nose.

He pulled out some mucus with his finger and inspected it before wiping himself off in Balding’s food.

The cashier then collecting payment and handed Balding change using the hand with which he picked his nose.

Balding was horrified and went straight to the customer service desk to file a complaint.

The manager of the branch sympathized with Balding and offered her a $13 coupon.

Balding was furious and decided to file a complaint with Tesco.