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14-year-old boy violently raped classmate in high school stairwell in front of security cameras

By Alexis Bell 7:49 AM December 8, 2017
Khymani Jamal Tolbert

A young boy attacked his classmate at school and raped her in the stairwell in full view of numerous security surveillance cameras, according to police in Michigan.

Warren police said that they have arrested 14-year-old Khymani Jamal Tolbert after being accused of restraining and raping the 14-year-old girl who was in the same class as the suspect.

Tolbert has been charged with 3 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and 1 count of unlawful imprisonment.

He is being tried as an adult.

Tolbert is facing life in prison.

Judge John Chmura refused to release the boy on bail because he was dangerous to the public.

According to the police investigation, Tolbert committed a sex crime against another girl just two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, after school hours, Tolbert waited in the stairwell of the Lincoln High School for his victim.

When the 14-year-old girl entered the stairwell, Tolbert immediately grabbed her.

The girl fought with Tolbert for 30 minutes but he finally restrained her.

Tolbert then committed a very violent sexual assault.

The entire encounter was recorded by the school’s security surveillance system and the footage was handed over to the police.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said that he hopes Tolbert gets life in prison.