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2 sisters in Texas left orphaned after bodies of parents and brother missing for 10 months found in Mexico

By Mason White 5:53 AM December 1, 2017
Annel Ochoa Vargas with her parents and brother

Two sisters were desperately searching for answers as to what happened to their parents and brother who went missing 10 months ago.

They finally got an answer but it was not what they were hoping for.

Mexican officials notified them that their parents’ bodies were found on a ranch.

Juan and Maria Vargas and their 18-year-old son Daniel, who are all U.S. citizens from Houston, Texas, traveled to Mexico to visit family.

On their way back home, they spoke with their daughters, but at some point, when they arrived in Tampico, phone calls went unanswered.

One week after the three went missing, someone reached out to the family via Facebook, demanding ransom for their release.

The FBI and Mexican officials worked together to catch the suspects. They traced the account, which eventually led to a phone number and wiretaps. Months of investigation led authorities to the suspects, a gang of 11 cartel members.

After making arrests in the case, one of the suspects led police to a ranch, where the bodies were found.

Annel Ochoa said that she was told that her parents and youngest sibling became victims after being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Officials in Mexico said that the leader of the criminal organization was celebrating his birthday the day that her family disappeared.

When her family drove past the birthday celebration in their 2014 Chevy Malibu, the leader pointed to the car and said that he wanted the vehicle as a birthday gift.

Fellow gang members immediately stopped the family and took their vehicles.

The bodies were returned home and the two orphaned sisters are now making plans for the funerals.