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3 boys die after grenade they put on grill exploded in their faces

By Emily Lewis 1:25 PM December 7, 2017
Grenade (illustration)

Three friends who found a grenade in a field decided to put it on a grill and roast it, according to police in the Philippines.

Davao City police launched an investigation after the three boys died when the grenade exploded in their faces.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the parents’ negligence caused the deaths of the children.

So far, no arrests have been made.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Monday afternoon.

After the boys came home from school, they went out to play on a field.

At some point, one of the youngsters found the grenade.

The boy showed the grenade to his friends and they played with it.

The children then decided it would be fun to place the grenade on a grill and roast it on a flame.

As the children watched the grenade being cooked, it exploded in their faces.

The boys’ parents came running after hearing the large explosion.

They were shocked to see that their boys’ faces were unrecognizable.

The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where they were declared dead.

The parents are trying to raise money for the children’s funerals.