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31-year-old man went on vacation with 15-year-old girlfriend and her family after convincing them he was a teenager

By Mason White 1:34 PM December 13, 2017
Clinton Stothard

A man in the United Kingdom groomed a girl and conned her entire family into accepting him as her boyfriend.

The man convinced the family of his 15-year-old victim that he was a teenager and he was then allowed to accompany her on a family vacation.

31-year-old Clinton Stothard from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, groomed the girl on the Internet and tricked her into believing he was 19-years-old.

The two then began dating and her parents allowed the man to join them as they believed he was their daughter’s teenage boyfriend.

To the family horror, Stothard was exposed as a pedophile who preyed on many underage girls.

The police were alerted by a parent over inappropriate contact between Stothard and an underage girl.

When police seized his electronic devices, they discovered that one of her victims, a 14-year-old teenager from Bristol, exchanged more than 3,000 calls and text messages with Stothard over a period of two weeks.

He also targeted other girls online and encouraged them to send him sexually explicit photos.

A judge at the Sheffield Crown Court told the defendant that he was “every parent’s worst nightmare” and “a shark swimming in the waters of the Internet preying on children.”

Stothard pleaded guilty to 39 offenses against four children and was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Stothard was given a sexual harm prevention order, which will prevent him from living with any person under 18 years old.

Police will also monitor his Internet use.

The investigation into Stoddard’s crime led to the arrest of another man.

Owen Hall, 26, of Hartcliffe, Bristol, has since been jailed for 4 years for sex crimes with children after he had been talking to the same 14-year-old girl who was in contact with Stothard.