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71-year-old man caught raping 95-year-old fellow resident at nursing home

By William Martin 8:52 AM December 7, 2017
Gary Earls

Police in Ohio were called to a nursing home after two elderly people were found naked with the man lying on top of the woman.

The Middletown Police Department is investigating the case as a sexual assault.

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to the Close to Home Assisted Living facility at 3712 Roosevelt Boulevard for a possible rape.

A nurse reported hearing her 95-year-old patient screaming.
She thought that the elderly woman had fallen.

The nurse told the officer that when she entered the patient’s room, she found another resident lying naked on top of the woman.

Police said the 95-year-old woman was also naked.

Police arrested the elderly man who was identified as 71-year-old Gary Earls.

He was charged with one count of rape. Earls is being held in the Butler County Jail.