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Dancer slaps her boyfriend’s face during fight over sex toys

By William Martin 1:14 PM December 4, 2017
Lindsay Hensley-Clark

A professional dancer ended up behind bars after slapping her boyfriend during an argument about sex toys, according to police in Florida.

Palm Harbor police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Lindsay Hensley-Clark after slapping her boyfriend in the face at their home.

Hensley-Clark has been charged with one count of battery.

Hensley-Clark pleaded not guilty to the charge in court.

A judge did not order Hensley-Clark to stay away from her boyfriend.

She was released from custody without bail.

According to the police investigation, Hensley-Clark is a professional ballet dancer who owns and operates Tampa Bay Ballet and is the president of the Tampa Ballet Theatre.

She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for about a year.

On Monday, at around 9:45 p.m., Hensley-Clark had an argument with her boyfriend, Chad Scerbo, about a computer and sex toys.

When Scerbo made a comment that Hensley-Clark did not like, she slapped him across the face.

The police were called to the home located in the 1700 block of Hampton Lane and Hensley-Clark was taken to jail.