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Disabled man shoots at firefighter who came to rescue him after believing someone was breaking into his home

By William Martin 5:04 AM December 15, 2017
Firefighter (illustration)

A disabled man thought that he was acting in self-defense when he shot at a firefighter who was trying to rescue him during the night.

Firefighters were called to an apartment building in North Miami, Florida, at around 3 a.m., when someone noticed smoke coming from the windows.

Dozens of residents were forced to leave their La Castellana apartments near Northeast 135th Street and Northeast Seventh Avenue after a dryer on the second floor caught on fire.

Many residents heard the fire alarm and left before the firefighters arrived.

However, out of concern for the welfare of the residents, firefighters knocked on the doors and searched for any people who might have remained inside.

One disabled person in a wheelchair on the fourth floor heard people trying to get into his home. He assumed that it was a burglar trying to rob him.

The man grabbed his gun and fired three shots in the direction of the door. The bullet went through a wall, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Felipe Lay said that firefighters identified themselves as they knocked on the doors and if there was no response, they forced them open “just to make sure there was no one inside the structures.”

The disabled man was is not expected to face any charges.

Residents were later allowed to return to their homes.