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Drunk woman cradled dead fox she found on side of the road while taking it home

By William Martin 5:37 AM December 8, 2017
Molly Stanford Britton

A man uploaded a bizarre video to social media, showing a woman cradling a dead fox.

In the video, 20-year-old Molly Stanford Britton of Rochester, England, was seen walking with the fox while the man was begging her to put it down.

Britton had been out drinking, and on her way back, she saw the dead fox on the side of the road and decided to take it home to give the animal a proper burial.

Britton’s friend Leon tried to convince her to put the animal down, but the teary-eyed animal lover wanted to help the fox.

The pair allegedly saw the fox and Britton claimed that she has seen the animal moving so she wanted to save it.

In the video, she was heard asking Leon: “It’s definitely dead, isn’t it? Is it definitely dead? Oh my God it’s dead, it’s dead.”

Even when she realized that the animal was no longer alive, Britton insisted on taking it home.

“No, we can’t leave it. No, Leon, we can’t leave it. Look it’s been killed and it’s been left on the road like no one’s business.

“It doesn’t deserve that, it literally doesn’t deserve that. Oh my God and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my whole life,” the drunk woman was heard saying.

Leon tried to convince her again to let go, and he said: “Oh he has rabies and everything.”

Britton responded: “You know what, I don’t even care. It’s coming home. Mum’s gonna kill me, isn’t she? We’re gonna take the dead fox home. It didn’t deserve this.”

Britton later said that she tried to call the RSPCA but couldn’t get through so she carried it 40 minutes to her home.

When she got home, her mother did not allow it in their home so Britton said she put it in the garden.