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Father charged with murder for killing his daughter’s 14-year-old friend to cover up their sexual encounters

By Tanya Clark 8:27 AM December 5, 2017
Layla Ann Ramos (L) and Anthony Valle

Parents are shocked over the death of their daughter, who was killed by her friend’s father.

Police arrested 43-year-old Anthony Valle of Texas for killing 14-year-old Layla Ann Ramos in his home in Atascocita.

Valle told police that he shot his daughter’s friend after he mistook her for an intruder.

When questioned why he shot the girl twice at close range, Valle claimed that he tripped over the girl’s body and the gun discharged for the second time.

However, during their investigation, the victim’s older sister told police that she saw Layla going into a car that was driven by Valle.

Text messages from the victim’s phone confirmed her claim.

The family trusted Valle because he was a neighbor and the victim was friends with his children and especially with his daughter who was her age.

Prosecutors told the judge about the disturbing evidence was found in the girl’s phone.

The text messages showed that the suspect and the victim were engaged in drugs, a they had a sexual relationship.

Furthermore, “these cell phone messages show that Valle enjoyed looking at simulated father-daughter pornography,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors also said that text messages revealed that Ramos began threatening to expose Valle days before she was killed.

After detectives collected enough evidence against him, Valle was arrested. Valle, who has no prior criminal record, is behind bars at the Harris County jail on $200,000 bail.