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Father had sex with his 2 daughters for 20 years to show them what boys do

By Mason White 1:27 PM December 7, 2017
Two sisters (illustration)

A father regularly abused his two daughters as they grew up and they continued to have sex with him into adulthood, according to police in Australia.

Police arrested the 64-year-old father after the two sisters confided in their friends and a teacher who notified the Department of Child Protection.

In court, the father, who was not identified, denied the allegations.

The father was convicted of rape.

District Court Judge John Staude sentenced the father to 16 years in prison.

He will have to serve 14 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

According to the police investigation, the abuse began when the father’s wife ran away from home.

The couple’s daughters, who were 8 and 12-years-old at the time, remained at home with their father.

The father then began having sex with his two daughters.

He told them that this is what boys do to girls.

The girls grew up thinking that all girls have sex with their fathers.

The girls told police that they had sex with their father because it was the only thing that made him happy and they wanted him to be proud of his children.

The abuse came to light after one of the girls told her friends that she gets extra pocket money from her father because she gave him special massages.

The other girl broke down and told a teacher that she could no longer take the abuse from her father.