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Firefighter installs video camera in women’s bathroom at fire station to record employees using toilets

By Emily Lewis 12:08 PM December 5, 2017
Firefighter (illustration)

A firefighter was caught taking video of women using toilets at a fire station, according to police in Japan.

Gunma police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Ryuya Nakano after being accused of recording female employees using the toilets at the fire station.

Nakano is facing a charge of video voyeurism.

According to the police investigation, Nakano worked as a firefighter at the Tomioka City fire station.

On Friday, Nakano installed a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom of the fire station.

On Saturday, at around 8:00 p.m., a female employee uncovered the hidden camera and she notified the fire chief.

The police were called to the scene and they reviewed security surveillance footage, which identified Nakano as the suspect.

During questioning by police, Nakano admitted to installing the hidden camera because he wanted to record women using the toilets.