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Florida mayor’s car repossessed during council meeting

By Alexis Bell 8:56 AM December 6, 2017
Thomas Masters

A mayor in Florida was left red-faced after his car was repossessed while he was at a council meeting.

The Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters came out of a meeting to find that his silver Subaru was gone.

He soon discovered that the Subaru had been towed by employees of Strong Recovery, who took the vehicle in an involuntary repossession on behalf of a lien holder, according to police records.

The repo company refused to give details of the incident.

The mayor was in a contentious city council meeting over City Manager Jonathan Evans, who was fired from his job by the council in what the mayor claimed was without reason.

Councilwoman Dawn Pardo, who voted to fire Evans, called Evans “a disgruntled employee.”

After the meeting was over, the mayor discovered that he was left without a car to drive home.

When questioned about the repossessed vehicle, the mayor said: “One, it was a personal matter, two, it was a misunderstanding, three, we were able to straighten it out within a few hours.”

When he was asked whether the car was towed for failure to make payments, the mayor, who gets a $750 per month for car allowance from the city, declined to answer.

He added that he recently came back from China, where he promoted his city. He then had to deal with the recent hurricane and issues over the city manager.

“There were a lot of moving parts. Anyone is subject to that kind of misunderstanding” he said.