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Funeral home director arrested for stealing body parts and turning them into sex doll

By Emily Lewis 9:00 AM December 6, 2017
Coffin (illustration)

Police in Wisconsin arrested a funeral home director after making a gruesome discovery in his home.

Police said that the son of a Milwaukee funeral home owner used limbs and various body parts of corpses that he took from his father’s business to make himself a sex doll, according to ABCnews.

38-year-old Steven Adams took over his father’s business, Adams Sons Funeral Home, nearly two years ago and he served as the funeral director.

Police began investigating Adams after authorities exhumed the body of a 27-year-old female victim of a cold case in the hope of getting new evidence.

Technicians were surprised to find missing limbs that were inconsistent with the way the victim died.

Investigators said that Adams became their prime suspect. Authorities said they found the human sex doll in the basement of his parents’ home where he lives.

The suspect confessed to using a saw to cut limbs from corpses and taking them home, where he apparently reassembled them later.

His parents were horrified to learn about the accusations.

His mother said that Adams “always talked about his girlfriend and how beautiful she was, he showed us nice clothes he bought for her, but we never got to meet her.”

Police said that Adams admitted to having sex with corpses at the funeral home.

Shockingly, Adams told detectives that he was not the only one who engaged in sexual activities with the corpses at the funeral home.

“The suspect claims that he assisted members of a satanic cult to have sex with a number of dead bodies in exchange for money,” Police Officer Alan Clayborn said.