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Girl missing after father left her in wooded area as punishment for embarrassing him in front of his friends

By Emily Lewis 4:57 AM December 15, 2017
Mariafe Eranzo

A father was arrested after placing his daughter in harm’s way as punishment.

5-year-old Mariafe Eranzo went missing in a jungle in the Philippines after her father left her there as punishment for embarrassing him in front of his friends.

Her father Felipe admitted to beating his daughter and knocking her unconscious before taking her to the forest, 60 miles east of Manila, to teach her a lesson.

But when he returned to the same place, he was unable to find his daughter. Felipe called the police for help, which led to a major search operation.

Felipe told the police that he had been drinking before carrying out the harsh punishment.

A video of the search shows a handcuffed Felipe walking in the forest accompanied by officers as they were trying to retrace his steps in hopes of finding the missing child.