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Government officials refuse to allow bitcoin millionaire who accidentally threw out computer containing $100 million in Bitcoins to dig up garbage dump

By Tanya Clark 1:24 PM December 7, 2017
Bitcoin (illustration)

A Bitcoin millionaire in the United Kingdom is fuming after government officials are refusing to grant him access to a landfill where his computer containing 7,500 Bitcoins has been dumped.

32-year-old James Howells of Wales threatened to run for office in order to grant himself permission to dig up the landfill of the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Several years ago, Howells purchased 7,500 Bitcoins, which he stored on his computer.

Four years ago, Howells accidentally throw out the computer.

At that time, his Bitcoins were worth around $1 million.

Now, as a result of the monumental rise in the value of Bitcoin, his fortune jumped to more than $100 million.

Howells approached the Newport City Council several times and asked for permission to dig up the landfill in order to recover his old computer.

His request was rejected.

The Newport City Council claims that it cannot allow digging in the landfill as this would be a health hazard to area residents.

Officials have also claimed that digging up the landfill would cost millions of dollars.

Howells offered the council 750 Bitcoins if he is allowed to dig up the landfill.

So far, his offer was not accepted.

Howells wrote: “Hey @NewportCouncil what if I ran for council leader at the next local elections and pledged to give 50% of my Bitcoins ($50 million) to the City to sort this place out.”

Officials warned Howells that it would be a criminal offense if the dug up the landfill without permission.