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Husband records his wife having sex with her service dog

By William Martin 8:18 AM December 5, 2017
Melessa Ann Martinez and Roy Lee Johnston

A couple was arrested after using their service dog to engage in sexual activity.

The husband and wife of Phoenix, Arizona, have been arrested after their bestiality video was discovered.

Police said that 39-year-old Roy Lee recorded his wife, 44-year-old Melessa Ann Martinez, engaging in sexual activity with her dog.

The police seized the dog from the couple’s house.

A family member contacted police after finding a cell phone video, which showed Martinez engaging in sex acts with her dog, police said.

Johnston admitted to the police that he recorded the video of his wife and the dog while she was performing sexual acts.

According to the police report, he said he got the idea “after watching the news and seeing that a woman got into trouble for having sex with her dog.”

Martinez acknowledged that she was in a photo with the dog, and that her husband, Johnston, recorded the video, according to police.

Both suspects were charged with one count of bestiality.

At her first court hearing, Martinez was upset when the judge ordered her to have no contact with the dog.

She told the judge that the dog is a service animal. Martinez said that she suffers from seizures.

The judge verified her claim that the dog is a registered service animal and allowed Martinez to have contact with the abused dog.

The judge told Martinez to bring additional proof from her doctor at the next court hearing.

However, the judge ordered her husband to live in another home as he may not have contact with the dog.