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Husband used hammer to beat his wife and her secret lover before slipping $50 into police officer’s pocket as bribe to avoid arrest

By Mason White 12:18 PM December 6, 2017
Slipping bribe (illustration)

A husband flew into a fit of rage after learning that his wife was having an affair with her colleague, according to police in Singapore.

Police have arrested 39-year-old Lei Yanchen after being accused of using a hammer to beat his wife and her secret lover.

In court, Yanchen pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and bribery.

A judge sentenced Yanchen to 7 months in prison.

According to the police investigation, Yanchen and his wife, Wang Yu, 35, came to Singapore from China on a work visa.

After being in the country for several months, Yanchen began suspecting that his wife was having an affair with her colleague, Zhong Bo, 41.

One night, at around 10:30 p.m., Yanchen summoned his wife and Bo to meet him in the Block 669D, Jurong West Street 64.

Yanchen was armed with a hammer.

When Yu and Bo arrived, Yanchen confronted them about their affair.

The two secret lovers denied the allegations.

Yanchen flew into a rage and attacked his wife and Bo with the hammer.

Bo suffered injuries to the head and was taken to a hospital.

Yu followed her lover to the hospital along with Yanchen.

Doctors called police after Bo revealed that he was attacked by Yanchen.

As police were questioning Bo, Yanchen slipped $50 into the pants pocket of one of the officers as a bribe in order to avoid arrest.

The officer quickly removed the cash and handed it back to Yanchen who was arrested at the scene.