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Journalist shocked to find homeless couple having sex at the door of her home

By Mason White 12:03 PM December 5, 2017
Faye Preston

A journalist in the United Kingdom could not decide whether to call the police on a homeless couple who took up shelter in the driveway of her home until she caught them having sex.

Faye Preston, who lives in Hull, said that when she came home from work late in the afternoon, she saw the homeless couple lying under several blankets at the door of her home.

She thought about calling the police to have them removed from her driveway but she eventually decided to leave them alone.

The following morning, when Preston went out her door for work, she found the homeless couple having sex.

There were many empty beer cans all over her driveway.

Preston called the police and reported the homeless couple.

Police officers showed up two days later and ordered the homeless couple to leave the property.

Preston said that she felt bad for the couple but she could not allow them to stay at her door because she had to go to work on time and did not want to step on them.

Despite the growing homelessness problem, Preston still loves to live in her neighborhood because of the many restaurants and bars in the area.