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Judge gets arrested in courtroom during fight with assistant police chief

By William Martin 8:42 AM December 25, 2017
Judge Derek Hopson (L) and Assistant Police Chief Troy Kimble

A judge got a taste of how defendants feel when they are brought before him after he was placed in handcuffs.

The courtroom in Clarksdale, Mississippi, was tense when there was a battle between the judge and an assistant police chief.

According to witnesses, Judge Derek Hopson was walking in the courtroom when he allegedly bumped into Assistant Police Chief Troy Kimble.

Egos were hurt and Kimble quickly arrested Judge Hopson for assaulting him.

Kimble walked the handcuffed judge out of his own courtroom while he was still wearing his robe.

When questioned, the police chief refused to give details about the incident.

Judge Hopson said that he was unable to comment on judicial proceedings.