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Man caught cheating after his cell phone pocket-dialed fiancee while having sex with prostitute

By Mason White 5:43 AM December 8, 2017
Vikkie Kenward and Ty Smith

A woman learned that her fiance was cheating on her when his cell phone pocket-dialed her while he was having sex with a prostitute.

30-year-old Vikkie Kenward from Surrey, England, said that she received a phone call from her fiance during the night.

She thought that he wanted to discuss the plans for their upcoming wedding, but instead, she heard her fiance, Ty Smith, moaning in pleasure.

Kenward realized that her fiance had accidentally pocket-dialed her while he was having sex with another woman.

Kenward said that she went to check his phone bills and found many phone numbers that were unfamiliar to her.

She later confronted Smith over the cheating. At first, he tried to deny it. He claimed that the phone numbers were from customers who called him to fix their gutters.

However, he eventually admitted to sleeping with prostitutes. Kenward said that Smith tried to justify his actions.

“He kept telling me that it was better he was cheating with prostitutes because it meant there was no feelings, just sex,” the woman said.

However, Kenward did not accept his argument.

Kenward said she discovered that her fiance paid the sex workers £130 ($175), which is more than the £120 ($160) he spent on her engagement ring.

Kenward kept blaming herself for his infidelity, saying: “I couldn’t help but think: ‘Is it me? Am I not doing something right?'”

She begged Smith to give her a reason for his cheating but he never gave her one.

Kenward broke up with Smith and called off the wedding. She then went to get tested for STDs. Once she was given the all-clear signal, she was ready to move on and find “a manly man who doesn’t enjoy paying for sex.”