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Man cuts off nipples of his pregnant girlfriend’s breasts while she was carrying his child

By Emily Lewis 11:36 AM December 3, 2017
Tony Deval Ledbetter

A controlling man choked his pregnant girlfriend and cut off her nipples from her breasts because she decided to end their relationship, according to police in South Dakota.

Sioux Falls police said that they have arrested 46-year-old Tony Deval Ledbetter after being accused of beating his girlfriend, who was not identified, until she fell unconscious.

Ledbetter pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault despite first denying the allegations by claiming self-defense.

Judge Doug Hoffman sentenced Ledbetter to serve 45 years in prison.

Ledbetter was not happy with the sentence as he cut a plea deal with prosecutors, who asked for just 30 years in prison.

Hoffman said that the maximum sentence was most appropriate for the community and the survivor.

According to the police investigation, Ledbetter was involved in an abusive relationship with the victim.

The woman told police that Ledbetter controlled all (of) her movements and followed her around all day.

After the woman became pregnant, she decided to end the relationship.

One day, Ledbetter came over to his girlfriend’s apartment located in the 4300 block of W. 58th Street to talk about their relationship.

An argument broke out and Ledbetter punched her and slammed her head into the ground despite being pregnant with his child.

He then squeezed her throat and stuffing a blanket into her mouth.

When the woman fell unconscious, he grabbed scissors and cut off her nipples.

The woman woke up as he was cutting off her second nipple.

She ran away and went to a hospital.

The woman underwent reconstructive surgery.

The baby was not injured.