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Man hiding from police falls through ceiling in front of officers

By William Martin 10:57 AM December 6, 2017
Justin Thompson

Police in Pennsylvania went to a home to serve a warrant to a man who was wanted.

29-year-old Justin Thompson was wanted on charges of assault and harassment.

However, when Thompson saw the officers arrive at his girlfriend’s home, he hid in a crawl space in the attic.

Thompson’s 26-year-old girlfriend, Shaolin Miller, then allowed officers to search the home.

Police were searching the Scranton home when officers busted Thompson in the crawl space.

As they were trying to catch him, Thompson was able to remove his shirt and he broke free from police. He then went deeper into the crawl space.

Officers gave up and went downstairs to the kitchen.

While they were talking to Miller, Thompson fell through the ceiling right in front of the officers.

In addition to the assault and harassment charges, Thompson now faces a felony count of endangering the welfare of

According to the police report, this charge was added because there were children in the kitchen who were within a few feet of Thompson when he fell through the ceiling.

He was also charged with resisting arrest and recklessly endangering another person.

Miller was also arrested. She was charged with a felony count of hindering apprehension.

Thompson is being held on $20,000 bond while Miller’s bond was set at $5,000.