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Man killed after slashing police officer and K9 with sword

By Alexis Bell 5:40 AM December 8, 2017
Greg Ham

A police officer and his K9 partner were attacked by a man while trying to get him to come out of his makeshift home.

Police were called to a home in La Marque, Texas after a man broke into his neighbor’s home.

The woman told police that 62-year-old Greg Ham, who lives in a shed, broke into her home and acted crazy while demanding food.

The woman was scared so she ran into a room and called the police.

Meanwhile, Ham blocked the door by placing furniture up against it. He ransacked the home before finally leaving.

When officer Jose Santos arrived with his K9 partner named Rocky, he went to Ham’s shed and demanded he come outside.
Ham eventually came out but he was armed with a sword.

He slashed the officer and the dog. The officer then pulled his gun and fired a shot.

Ham died of his injuries while the officer and the K9 are expected to make a full recovery.

Santos is now on administrative leave pending further investigation.