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Man killed after woman dating two men sent one of them a photo of herself performing a sex act on the other

By Mason White 8:40 AM December 7, 2017
David Saunders and Michael Lawson

A woman who was dating two men at the same time teased her longtime boyfriend by sending him a photo of herself performing a sex act on the other man.

Her actions, which occurred at 2:30 a.m., caused her boyfriend to explode in a fit of rage and he went to confront the other man.

33-year-old David Saunders of Darlington, England, told police that he got into a jealous fit of rage when he received the photos, showing Sarah Bramley, the woman he loved, performing a sex act on Michael Lawson, 34.

Saunders texted Bramley, saying: “I’m coming over. You’ll see me angry. Keep him there.”

Saunders took a taxi to Lawson’s home, which is about 5 minutes away from his home.

When he arrived, Saunders found Lawson, who was armed with a knife, outside of his home.

A fight ensued during which Saunders managed to grab the knife from his love rival. He then used the knife to stab Lawson one time. Sadly, Lawson died of his injuries.

Saunders admitted that he stabbed the victim but he claims that he never intended to kill him.

According to court records, Bramley had been dating both men and they knew about Bramley’s love triangle. Saunders admitted that he vandalized Lawson’s car months ago when he saw it parked outside his girlfriend’s home.

Lawson had many photos on Facebook, showing him and Bramley together.

Prosecutor Nick Dry said: “both men retained an interest in her and she in them but there was no formal relationship with either.”

Saunders pleaded guilty to the murder on the basis that he did not take the weapon to the scene. He is now awaiting sentencing.