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Man smirks in mugshot after being arrested for terrorizing his neighborhood by raping three women at knifepoint

By Emily Lewis 5:51 AM December 1, 2017
Miguel Angel Gonzalez Cruz

Man smirks in mugshot after being arrested for raping three neighbors at knifepoint

A man was seen smirking in his mugshot when he was finally captured almost one year after police began looking for him.

Women in a housing complex in Illinois were left frightened after a man broke into several homes and raped women at knifepoint.

In one case, he went into a home through a window.

A woman was sleeping and he tried to sexually assault her. He ran away when he heard another resident entering the home.

In two other cases, the women were not so lucky and were raped by 35-year-old Miguel Angel Gonzalez Cruz of Rolling Meadows in their own beds at knifepoint.

Police said that the assaults occurred between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m.

Police had a sketch of the man but were unable to locate him. This left residents terrified.

That all changed when one of the victims was at a Walmart and spotted the attacker. She called the police who used the store’s surveillance videos to identify the suspect.

Gonzalez Cruz was later arrested.

After his DNA was found to be a match of that found at the crime scene, he was charged with three counts of home invasion, two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, and a count each of attempted criminal sexual assault and residential burglary, according to Rolling Meadows police.

Neighbors said that they were shocked to learn that the suspect lived among them. He was a resident of the East Park Apartment Complex, where all of his victims lived.

Gonzalez Cruz is being held without bail.