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Man steals 120 televisions from hotels to pay for lawyer in another theft case

By Mason White 5:45 AM December 1, 2017
Vasudev Nanaiah sitting next to the stolen televisions

A man was arrested over the theft of televisions from different hotels.

Police in India arrested the man after being accused of stealing 120 televisions from hotels over four months.

Police said that 34-year-old Vasudev Nanaiah booked rooms at budget hotels in southern India.

He arrived with large suitcases to fit the televisions.

If the television was bigger than the suitcase, Nanaiah would go to a nearby store to buy a larger suitcase, police said.

Nanaiah ordered the room for several days and prepaid for his entire stay. However, police said, many times, he did not stay for the entire time.

He stole the television from the room and left the hotel early, according to Chetan Singh Rathor, deputy commissioner of Bangalore.

The staff members at the hotels did not suspect Nanaiah of being the thief because of his well-mannered behavior while staying at the hotel, police said.

Nanaiah was busted this month when he was trying to sell some of the TV sets to a shopkeeper, who alerted the police.

Police said that so far, they recovered 20 stolen TVs.

Nanaiah told officials he stole televisions because it was a “relatively low and easy risk,” according to police.

Rathor said that the suspect told police that he stole the televisions to pay for his lawyer and legal fees for previous charges ov TV theft.