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Married man took nude photos of his niece before killing her because he was attracted to her

By Alexis Bell 1:29 PM December 13, 2017
Derek Barrett and Mengmei Leng

A man was arrested on charges of murder after his niece was found stabbed to death.

The mother of the Chinese university student killed by her uncle in Sydney, Australia, has urged a judge to sentence him to life in prison.

28-year-old Derek Barrett pleaded guilty to the murder of his niece, Mengmei Leng, 25.

According to court records, Barrett tied up his niece and took photos of her private parts and her nude body in his Campsie home while his wife was at work.

Court records show that he also took videos while pleasuring himself on her body. After doing so, Barrett stabbed her more than 20 times.

Barrett then wrapped the body in plastic and threw her down a cliff, where the body was later found.

In court, Barrett pleaded guilty to murder and 19 additional charges related to taking nude photos and videos of Leng for his own sexual gratification.

Leng’s mother, Mei Zhang, cried as her friend read her statement in court. She told the court that Leng was “her only daughter and her life.”

Zhang said that the murder of her daughter had shattered her family and that Barrett’s wife is tormented by the fact that her husband was responsible for the death.

Leng had been living with her aunt and Barrett for 2 years.

The court heard that the university student had two degrees and that she had been sending money to her mother in China.

Barrett claimed that he did not remember killing his niece because he had been smoking the drug called ice.

However, forensic psychologist Dr. Richard Furst, who evaluated Barrett, told the court that the drug ice does not generally cause memory loss.

“His actions are all purposeful from killing her to disposing of the body,” Furst said. The doctor also said that Barrett was attracted to his niece.

Leng’s mother urged the judge to give Barrett the maximum sentence.