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Men gang raped 6-year-old girl and killed her by inserting foot-long stick into her private parts

By William Martin 1:23 PM December 12, 2017
Abused woman (illustration)

A young girl was found dead after being brutally raped and tortured by a group of men, according to police in India.

Uklana police said that they are looking to arrest those behind the gang rape and murder of the 6-year-old girl.

Prosecutors charged the unknown suspects with abduction, rape, and murder.

According to the police investigation, the 6-year-old girl was abducted from her home on Saturday.

She was taken to a secluded location, where the men took chances raping her.

When they were done, the men inserted a foot-long stick into her private parts.

The stick ripped parts of her uterus and intestine.

The girl was then dumped near her home.

The parents of the girl called police immediately after they noticed she was missing.

Police found the girl lying in a pool of blood.

She was taken to a hospital, where she was declared dead.

Dr. Reetu Gupta confirmed that the girl was gang-raped and tortured.

She had multiple bruises all over her body and her uterus and intestine were perforated from the wooden stick.

Residents closed all their shops and blocked major roads to protest the shocking abuse.