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Mother beats teacher to death for ordering her daughter to clean up classroom

By Mason White 1:04 PM December 4, 2017
Teacher writing on blackboard (illustration)

A mother stormed into a classroom and beat her daughter’s teacher to death because the victim ordered the girl to clean up her classroom, according to police in Nigeria.

Ogidi police said that they have arrested 14-year-old Okafor Chinaza and her mother after the beating death of teacher Odilinye Rita.

Chinaza and her mother are both facing a charge of murder.

According to the police investigation, Rita ordered her student, Chinaza, to clean the classroom as it was her chance to do so.

Chinaza refused to clean the classroom and insulted her teacher.

Rita then scolded Chinaza for being a bad student.

Chinaza ran home and told her mother that Rita insulted her.

The mother and Chinaza’s uncle rushed over to the school to confront Rita.

The principal pleaded with the angry mother to forgive the teacher for scolding Chinaza.

The mother did not want to forgive the teacher.

She grabbed a baseball bat and beat Rita.

Rita suffered severe head trauma and injuries all over her body.

Rita was taken to the Iyi-Enu Hospital, where she died.