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Mother crushes 1-year-old daughter to death by folding car seat on top of her

By Tanya Clark 7:52 AM December 8, 2017
Car seat (illustration)

A mother caused the death of her young child by pressing a button, which automatically folded a seat in the back of her vehicle, according to police in Indiana.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department said that prosecutors are still trying to determine whether any charges will be filed against the parents.

According to the police investigation, on Sunday afternoon, Sergio Villarreal and Yvette Gonzalez Villarreal were helping a relative move to another house by hauling items with their Lincoln Navigator.

1-year-old Khloe Villarreal was asleep in the backseat of the vehicle when Yvette pressed a button to fold the seat in order to allow her relative to place items in the Lincoln Navigator.

Due to miscommunication, the parents were unaware that Khloe was asleep in the backseat.

The seat folded on the child and she got crushed to death.

The parents only realized she was missing about 30 minutes later.

By the time the mother unfolded the seat, Khloe was already dead.

The medical examiner ruled that the girl died as a result of asphyxiation due to chest compression.

Khloe left behind her siblings, Paul Ervin, Jr., Laurenzo Ervin, Gabriel Villarreal, Alexis Villarreal, Alejandro Villarreal, and Aleksandra Villarreal.