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Off-duty police officer shoots woman 20 times because she refused to change music at bar

By Tanya Clark 8:51 AM December 12, 2017
Hayssa Andrade, Jorge Aguiar da Silva and the bar

A woman lost her life during a disagreement over music at a bar.

21-year-old Hayssa Andrade, who was a university student, was at the rooftop bar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when she was killed after she refused to allow a song to be turned off.

According to witnesses, the host gave everyone a chance to choose a song to play at the bar.

Andrade chose a funk song that is widely associated with one of the most dangerous criminal gangs known for arms and drug trafficking.

Witnesses told police that off-duty officer Jorge Aguiar da Silva, 38, objected to Andrade’s choice. He called it “thug music” and he became angry and aggressive when the victim refused to turn it off.

The disagreement between the two intoxicated people got out of control. Witnesses said that Silva pulled his weapon several times and made death threats.

At some point, Andrade challenged Silva by asking: “What are you going to do, kill me?”

After she said that, Silva took out his weapon and fired a barrage of bullets. The suspect appeared to have used all the ammunition in his gun.

Andrade suffered 20 gunshot wounds and died instantly.

According to relatives, the victim, who had one older sister, was in college studying business administration after working for several years as a salesperson.

Silva, who is a married man, was arrested on a charge of homicide.