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Pastor files for divorce because his wife is lazy and refuses to sweep their house

By William Martin 12:44 PM December 10, 2017
Lazy wife (illustration)

The followers of a pastor in Nigeria were surprised to learn that he filed for divorce because his wife is lazy.

38-year-old Adedayo Adeyemo of Ado-Ekiti told a court that he no longer wished to remain married to his wife of 9 years because she refuses to sweep the house or cook food for their family.

Adeyemo is the pastor of the Joint Heir Assembly of God.

He and his wife Kemi got married 9 years ago and they have two children together, 5 and 9 years old.

Adeyemo told Judge Olayinka Akomolede that his wife is failing to perform her duties.

He complained about her failure to sweep the house, cook food for the family, or bathe their children.

Adeyemo needs to cook dinner for the children or else they go to bed hungry.

The pastor asked the court to dissolve their marriage and award him custody of their two children.

Members of the Joint Heir Assembly of God were surprised to hear that their pastor complained about his wife’s laziness.

Kemi was silent during the court hearing.

Judge Akomolede adjourned the case until next year to give the couple time to reconcile their differences.