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Plane passenger pulls sleeping woman’s hand on puts it on his private parts while pleasuring himself on her

By Mason White 12:17 PM December 10, 2017
Airplane (illustration)

A man has caused chaos during a flight when he pleasured himself on a businesswoman who sat next to him.

According to police in Brazil, a fight broke out mid-air on a Gol Airlines flight from Belem to Brasilia after the passenger was accused of performing a sex act on himself.

The 32-year-old businesswoman said that she fell asleep during the flight and she woke up by the man pulling her hand.

She saw that the 51-year-old man had placed her hand on his private parts while he was pleasuring himself. The man managed to release his bodily fluids on the woman before she was able to call for help.

When the woman began screaming, other passengers tried to attack the suspect.

Flight attendants intervened and took the victim to the front of the plane while the suspect was taken to the back.

He was arrested after the plane landed.

When he was arrested, the man denied the allegations that he pleasured himself on the woman’s clothes.

Instead, he claimed that he had was coughing when his saliva went on the woman as she was sitting close to him.

A Gol Airline spokesperson said: “We strongly condemn the violence that occurred on Friday morning. We are looking for ways to ban the passenger.

“The crew acted immediately, immobilizing the aggressor and the captain informed federal police of the incident.

“On landing, the aircraft’s doors were kept shut until officers arrived.”

The suspect was charged and freed on bail.