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Police shoot man’s dog and force him to cut off its head after biting a neighbor

By Alexis Bell 10:59 AM December 6, 2017
Investigator James Hollis and Joe Nathan Goodwin

A man released a shocking video, showing police forcing him to cut off his dog’s head.

Now, police in Georgia have launched an investigation into the horrific ordeal.

Joe Nathan Goodwin said that he got a call from his girlfriend, Natasha Dakon, who told him that the police came to their house and shot his dog.

He quickly came home from work and found his two-year-old pit bull cross named Big Boy dead and the police in the front yard.

Crawford County Investigator James Hollis told Goodwin that a neighbor called after she was bitten on the leg by his dog. The officers claimed that as they came to his home, the dog charged at them so they shot it.

Goodwin started recording the officers when they demanded that he cut off the head of his beloved dog or face arrest.

The officers said that they need the head so that they can send it to a lab to test for rabies.

Goodwin replied that Big Boy had been vaccinated but he said officers refused to let him leave the scene to get the documentation.

Officers then repeatedly threatened to arrest Goodwin.

When he demanded to know what he will be charged with, one officer replied that he would tell him when they arrived at the police station. Another officer told him that he can be charged with disorderly conduct.

Goodwin said officers slammed him up against their car when he cursed them.

While he was in a state of panic and confusion, Goodwin took the knife from the officer and cut the deceased dog’s neck.

The head was placed in a bag and officers took it with them. Tests confirmed Goodwin’s claim that the dog did not have rabies.

“This was very traumatic for the children and for me,” Goodwin said. “I’m sick in my stomach. I cannot get that scene out of my head,” he added.

Hollis has been placed on administrative leave as the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

Goodwin said he plans to take legal action against the department.

Goodwin thanked people on Facebook for showing him support through this difficult time.