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Rooftop daredevil falls to his death while recording stunt on video

By Alexis Bell 8:41 AM December 11, 2017
Wang Yong Ning

Shocking video shows the moment a daredevil fell to his death.

26-year-old Wang Yong Ning of China became known for his extreme stunts and he had more than 1 million followers on social media sites.

Ning recorded videos as he climbed to the top of tall buildings and structures. He then took death-defying selfies.

In many videos, Ning was seen walking at the edges of buildings without holding on to anything.

He also recorded himself going over the edges of buildings and overpasses.

He also held onto a gate and he swung up and down several times before climbing back to safety.

However, in his most recent stunt, he was not so lucky. Ning was seen swirling around on top of the guardrail of a 54 story tall overpass before going over the side as cars were seen passing below.

He pulled himself up several times before he lost his grip and fell to his death.

Fans who were eagerly waiting for his new stunts, became concerned when there was no activity on his Weibo account with the screen name of @Jixian-Yongning.

After rumors and suspicions began circulating, the daredevil’s family confirmed his death.

The family said that they learned about his stunts only after his uncle came across one of his videos.

According to the family, Ning had been trying to make money off his Internet fame in order to support his parents.