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Shoplifters arrested in their bras and panties outside hotel

By Alexis Bell 5:44 AM December 1, 2017
Yeashia Alexis Seme and Marsheka Keyounia Pryor

Two women were arrested while wearing only their bras and panties.

Police in Florida were called after the two women were caught shoplifting from the Tommy Hilfiger at the Outlet Mall in Vero Beach.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, the women were later found outside wearing only their bras and panties.

Yeashia Alexis Seme and Marsheka Keyounia Pryor, both 21, were seen entering the Tommy Hilfiger store and selecting several items before leaving without paying for the merchandise.

The manager ran after the suspects and managed to retrieve the items from their vehicle.

The two suspects fled on foot. The officers arrived and checked the store’s surveillance, which was consistent with the manager’s statements.

The total value of the stolen items was $876.83.

Officers searched the area and located the suspects who were wearing only bras and panties outside a nearby hotel.

Police said that the suspects were trying to change their clothes in an attempt to hide from law enforcement.

Seme and Pryor told the deputies that they did nothing wrong and that the store manager told them that nothing would happen if they returned the stolen merchandise.

They claimed that since the manager took back the stolen items, they should go free, but police disagreed.

The women were arrested and charged with felony grand theft.