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Skydiver dressed as Santa breaks leg in front of children after crashing into tree

By Mason White 10:51 AM December 6, 2017
George Krokus on the ground after the accident

A professional skydiver who wanted to make children happy spoiled the fun when he crashed and broke his leg.

George Krokus of Florida was skydiving at the Tampa Bay Beach Bums volleyball tournament, supporting the “Operation Santa” toy drive in Gulfport.

Krokus is also known as “G” who was dressed as Santa. He and his two friends took photos of themselves moments before they jumped from the plane.

Krokus had a special delivery for the children that includes toys and volleyballs.

However, he had one gift, especially for 9-year-old Madison Spiers. He was bringing her an elf on the shelf named Kristoff, who visits her family every year during the holidays.

Dominic Nelson, who is the boyfriend of Madison’s mother,
arranged the surprise for Madison, and she watched the skydiving accident unfold.

As Krokus was coming down with his parachute, he crashed into a tree and fell to the ground. He suffered a broken leg and was taken to a hospital, where he underwent surgery.

However, the fun-loving Krokus did not leave the area without bringing cheers to those around him. As he was lying on the ground in pain, he asked his friend to take a photo that shows him smiling as he wanted the kids to see that Santa’s helper was okay.

“It was was amazing that he was able to smile because his leg was backward,” Nelson said.

Nelson set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for “Skydiving Santa’s Medical Bills” of $12,500.