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Store owner places hidden camera in dressing room before asking underage girl to try on clothes

By Mason White 11:03 AM December 6, 2017
Robert Kuhn

A store owner was arrested after his clever underage worker busted him while he recorded her undressing.

The owner of the record store in Iowa is in jail after he allegedly hid a camera in the bathroom of his business and recorded an underage girl, according to a police report.

48-year-old Robert Kuhn of Des Moines was arrested and charged with invasion of privacy. He is the owner of Wayback Records, a store that also sells some clothes.

A girl who worked for Kuhn told police that before trying to use the bathroom in the store, Kuhn told her he had to clean it.

When he was done, he handed her clothes and asked her to try them on so he could post the photos on Facebook for potential buyers, according to a police report.

While she used the bathroom, the girl noticed that there was a camera lens hidden under a shirt on a shelf.

She went to examine it and found a digital video camera, which had been recording for more than 3 minutes. She stopped the camera and watched the footage.

She saw Kuhn placing the camera in the bathroom before she entered and saw herself in it, according to the police report.

The girl deleted the footage, removed the SD card, and took it with her.

She then told Kuhn that she had to leave. On the way home, she called her parents and told them about the incident.

A man who went through the SD card told police that he found thousands of files, including images showing minors performing sexual acts on it.

Kuhn is currently in the Polk County Jail without bail while his store remains closed.

At the time of his arrest, Kuhn was the charged only with misdemeanor invasion of privacy. However, that can change as investigators are still processing the data from the memory card.