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Suicidal man falls to his death after releasing himself from police officer’s grip during rescue attempt

By Emily Lewis 5:57 AM December 31, 2017
Officer trying to rescue the man

Police officers were called to the rooftop of a building, where a man tried to commit suicide.

The suicidal man had already gone over the barrier on the rooftop and was dangling over the edge of the Plaza de la Bandera, in Pueblo Libre, Peru.

The Police Rescue Unit came to his aid at about 10:00 a.m. and attempted to pull the 27-year-old man back over the barrier.

When that did not work, they decided to get him down the side of the building to safety.

One police officer was tied to a rope. He and the suicidal man were supposed to be lowered down together.

The officer grabbed hold of the suicidal man, but as they were making their way down, he managed to free himself from the officer’s grip.

The suicidal man lost his life after falling from the 15th floor of the building and landed on the balcony of the third floor.