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Teen ordered food through UberEATS before sexually abusing female drivers who came to deliver

By Alexis Bell 8:36 AM December 7, 2017
Anthony Armand Dupont

A teenager was arrested after he sexually abused UberEATS drivers.

19-year-old Anthony Armand Dupont from Florida was charged with two counts of exposure of sex organs and two counts of battery.

According to Davie Police, in the first incident, the UberEats driver received a request to deliver 1 McDonald’s chocolate chip cookie to a house on Southwest 51st Street.

The 38-year-old delivery driver said that she knocked on the door and Dupont opened with his genitals exposed on the left side of his shorts.

She handed the cookie to Dupont and he put his hand on her wrist and caressed it before taking the cookie from her.

As the woman tried to leave, Dupont shouted: “I want it to a**,” the police report said.

The next day, UberEats got an order to deliver 1 can of Red Bull to a trailer home at an address on Ivy Lane.

As the 44-year-old delivery driver was circling the neighborhood looking for the address, Dupont approached and “placed his penis on the open window sill,” according to the reports.

The driver told police that she was in fear for her safety so she threw the Red Bull out the window.

Dupont then grabbed her shirt. She was able to break free and started to leave but the teen ran in front of her car and touched himself.

Police said that Dupont admitted to being exposed to the women after they both identified him in a photo lineup.